We provide interactive Medical Gaming Carts with the latest technology to sick children and young people in hospitals.


We are a registered charity in England and Wales 1178420 / Scotland SC049525. Founded in May 2018 in memory of Reece ‘TheRockinR’ Miree. Our goal is to promote distraction and normality whilst minimising the effects of isolation, stress, and anxiety through the power of gaming.

Who We Are

After losing our 11-year-old son in March 2018 to a DIPG brain tumour, TheRockinR was Reece’s online gamer tag. Throughout Reece’s hospital visits, we identified specific ways interactive gaming could help many young patients.

Our Work

We help reduce the impact of hospitalisation on young patients and their families, by offering a welcome distraction to treatments and procedures, promoting well-being and social interaction whilst maintaining a sense of joy and contentment.

Manchester Royal Children's Hospital

Why It's Important

Medical treatments can often be a scary and isolating experience, especially for children. There is a particular need for age-appropriate coping tools in hospitals. Interactive gaming offers a vast range of benefits throughout the medical environment.


We help healthcare professionals communicate more effectively with young patients by allowing access to activities that remove children and young people from the constraints and anxieties that often surround the hospital environment.

Reece Under Log

Our Inspiration

Reece’s love for gaming was the inspiration behind the charity. Throughout Reece’s hospital visits, we identified specific ways interactive gaming and technology could help young patients.

Reece told us how “someday he would put his name on the map.” Sadly, he lost his precious life to brain cancer just seven months later.

17th May 2018, TheRockinR was founded. We now provide a welcome distraction, fun and smiles to many young patients. With over 290 Medical Gaming Carts distributed throughout UK hospitals.

Reece is putting his name on the map.

medical gaming carts

Our Gaming Carts are custom-built for the medical environment. The carts are incredibly durable, ultra mobile and designed to be easily cleaned, promoting infection control.

Each cart helps healthcare professionals and play specialists to provide much-needed play and recreation to children and young people spending time in the hospital or visiting as an outpatient.

Safe & Secure with Endless Mobility

Secure and lockable helping to reduce the risk of theft and loss. Extremely mobile with a small footprint, use sitting or standing: ideal for wheelchair access, patient’s bedside, treatment cubicles/rooms, or patient waiting areas. Mobile versatility is endless and effortless.

Pre-loaded Games

Eliminate lost or damaged media. All games are pre-loaded onto the gaming console, ready to play and reducing the risk of damage, theft, and loss. No need for extra storage, and it minimises clutter entirely.

Interactive and Engaging

We aim to promote social interaction and engagement between healthcare professionals, patients, siblings, friends, and parents. Gaming, both in research and practice, demonstrates an overwhelming positivity toward the well-being of both young patients and adults.

our latest work

We are working to support young patients and healthcare professionals throughout the UK. Interactive video games and technology can be used within a medical environment to provide relief, offer a distraction, help children interact, engage, and even support education.

Royal Hospital for Children & Young People (Edinburgh) - July 2022

Tayside Children's Hospital (Dundee) - July 2022

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your help & support

Donations made to TheRockinR help support children and young people in hospitals throughout the UK. Your contribution helps us to construct and supply more Medical Gaming Carts. These carts help so many young patients cope with hospital stays and visits.

making a difference

Mrs Julia Mary Hagreen

These Gaming Carts are such a fantastic distraction for children awaiting surgery or treatment …Fifi LOVES the Lego game on this – she smiles and laughs when she’s surfing a pig’s back.

I’ve wheeled it into her room a few times when she’s “bored” in the evening, and it makes her happy x. On the 4th of September 2018, Fifi was happily playing this while we felt sick with apprehension about the biopsy surgery.

The most important thing is the kids smiling and being happy, and Reece’s family have done a fabulous job in their son’s name xx.

Mother of the amazing Fifi Hagreen


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