Supporting Children with Brain Tumours & Cancer

By the provision of interactive video gaming equipment

Gamers United Together

Unplug from the world into a good game… To help turn a bad day around!

Mobile Gaming Units for Hospital Wards

Fun and smiles for children spending time in hospital

Our Goals & Aims

Our goal is to provide Mobile Gaming Units to support children and young adults through the healing process as they undergo treatment in hospitals. To help those who are immobile, have limited access to activities or are in hospitals for periods of time. We aim to create and maintain experiences that produce joy and contentment whilst minimising stress and anxiety. To offer a distraction from their treatment or illness, build creativity and give some sense of normality and belonging to patients and families spending time on hospital wards.

About Us

TheRockinR Charity was founded by Reece Miree’s family after losing their 11-year-old son to an inoperable brain tumour known as DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). Reece was diagnosed on the 9th June 2017 and sadly passed away at home on the 4th March 2018 leaving a family devastated beyond beleif.

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How We Can Help

We provide Mobile Gaming Units to hospital wards to help support children and young adults through the healing process as they undergo treatment. To help those who are immobile or have limited access to activities. We aim to give some sense of normality & maintain experiences that produce joy & minimise stress & anxiety for patients

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It was Reece’s love of gaming why this charity was founded. Reece’s brain tumour never stopped him from Gaming. It gave him satisfaction and belonging, knowing he was part of an online gaming community that he could take part in 24 hours a day. He often unplugged from the world into a good game, and turned a bad day around

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Our Values

TheRockinR values, ethics and motivation are what we as parents experienced and witnessed, not just throughout Reece’s nine-month battle with cancer, but with many other families, we met who also were faced with a devastating children’s cancer diagnosis.

We are a charity built upon the personal understanding of what children and their families go through when diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Reece with Pug

DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma)

At present, there is no cure for any child diagnosed with a DIPG brain tumour. All treatments are to prolong life and are purely palliative. This brain stem tumour is inoperable and incurable, little is known of why predominantly it only affects children. The median prognosis of DIPG is 9 months, on average throughout the UK, 40 children per year are diagnosed with this type of tumour. Research states that the survival rate is less than 1%. DIPG is quite simply the deadliest paediatric brain tumour on the planet.

Number of Children Diagnosed with DIPG per year

Please Support Us

Too many children are being faced with this devastating diagnosis each year – every two hours somebody is diagnosed with a brain tumour in England.

There are lots of ways you can get involved, anything you can do to help, really does make a big difference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any fundraising ideas or questions you may have.

Our News & Events

Mobile Gaming Unit Donated to Martin House Children’s Hospice

Today we delivered our 4th Mobile Gaming Unit to Martin House Children's Hospice. The help and support this children's hospice has to offer are truly amazing. Whilst Reece had his DIPG brain tumour, Martin House Children's Hospice helped our family in so many ways. ...

Its with Great Honour and Pride

Its with great honour and pride that TheRockinR Charity (Jonny Miree) will support Lobke Marsden, Chris Pointon and Kath Evans at NHS70 theatre’ at the Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester on 5th September 2018. This is truly amazing news which we are...