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Throughout Reece’s hospital stays & visits, as a family, we identified there were specific ways interactive gaming & technology could help children & young people.


About TheRockinR

TheRockinR Charity was officially registered as a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) with the Charity Commission in England and Wales, Reg No. 1178420 on 17th May 2018. The charity is based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Approximately 10 miles from Leeds City Centre.

It was Reece’s love for gaming which was the inspiration behind the founding of the charity.

Throughout Reece’s short life, he loved Gaming, YouTube and Twitch. TheRockinR was Reece’s online gamer-tag. Many times he expressed his passion to become a professional Gamer and YouTuber. 

Whilst Reece had his brain tumour his looks and personality changed.  At times he did not want to interact with others because of the way he felt or how his speech had been affected.

Reece Loved Gaming

The brain tumour never stopped Reece gaming. He continued to do this until the very end of his life. It gave him satisfaction and belonging, knowing he was part of an online gaming community that he could take part in 24 hours a day. Without this, I’m certain that Reece’s battle with cancer would have been far worse.

Why We Do It

Throughout Reece’s hospital stays and visits,  as a family, we identified there were specific ways interactive gaming and technology could help children and young people.

TheRockinR values, ethics, and motivation are what we as parents experienced and witnessed, not just throughout Reece’s nine-month battle with cancer, but with many other families, we met who also were being treated for various illnesses and conditions

The charity aims to provide fun and smiles to children and young people spending time in hospitals and hospices throughout the United Kingdom.

We know whilst Reece was in the hospital, wheeling in a Mobile Gaming Unit would have meant the world to him, offering a welcome distraction, it would have brought a big smile to his face, for sure.

We founded TheRockinR to help children, young people, parents and families who are plunged into these situations. 



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TheRockinR Gaming Charity

16 Sunnyhill Crescent, Wrenthorpe, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 0PR, United Kingdom.

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