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Gaming is increasingly being realised both in research and in practice as a valuable resource for providing psychological and social support to children and young people with medical conditions. TheRockinR has witnessed first-hand the positive impact gaming can have on the emotional wellbeing of children and young people. We have received feedback from staff, clinicians, parents, and the young patients themselves that demonstrate the overwhelmingly positive impact the Gaming Carts have had. Clinicians have expressed how Gaming Carts allow young people access to an environment that removes them from the constraints and anxieties that often surround the hospital environment.

what do they cost?

As a registered charity, we endeavour to make our Medical Gaming Carts as cost-effective as possible. Any discounts or promotions we receive from our suppliers or sponsors are factored into the total cost. A complete Medical Gaming Cart is £1870 (we are not registered for VAT). The total price does not include delivery. Please see the delivery information below for further details.


Our Gaming Carts are personally delivered by a team member from TheRockinR. Training and full instruction will be given to staff on the day of delivery. Delivery is charged at £0.25 per mile as a return journey to your hospital from our location in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. At times overnight accommodation and other motoring fees such as congestion charges, ultra-low emission zones and toll fee’s may have to be factored into the delivery costs.


Each Medical Gaming Cart is constructed and hand-built by TheRockinR team. We stock many of the components used to construct the Gaming Carts, this enables us to deliver and install the Gaming Carts efficiently and quickly. In most cases, the delivery can be made within a two to three week period. if you have any questions with regards to availability or delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

purchase a cart

The hospital/ward can purchase a Medical Gaming Carts directly from ourselves,  usually allocated from the hospital/ward/department budgets, or in most cases, the representative hospital charities are able to help?  If you would like a fully detailed and transparent quotation, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, be sure to include the hospital location as this will give accurate delivery costs.

what do you get?

do we need wifi?

The simple answer is NO, all of the pre-installed games can be played without being connected to the internet, some hospitals choose not to connect the Xbox console to the internet for safeguarding reasons. In many cases, hospitals do not have sufficient signal strength to gain substantial WIFI or internet access. That said, the Xbox console is basically a media centre, by connecting to the internet will maximise its full potential i.e. Netflix, Disney plus, Amazon Prime films, IPlayer and much more. It is recommended to update the console and games at least once a month. Regular updates help keep the technology running smoothly and current. IT departments may help with this.

safeguarding & age restrictions

Whilst using our gaming equipment, the safeguarding and protection of children and young patients are our utmost priority. Most modern gaming consoles and handheld devices can be connected to the internet. We realise the importance of restricting or limiting access to the internet. In most cases, access to the internet is protected through a WIFI network passcode or password. However, in some hospitals, WIFI credits can be purchased or users can log onto the internet by Google or Facebook personal login passwords. In these cases, the Microsoft Xbox console can be ‘Locked Down’. Appropriate age restrictions settings can be imposed to restrict the content from being viewed or accessed on the internet. This is not a difficult task, full training and instruction can be given to all members of staff. 

can we get one donated?

We would love to donate a Medical Gaming Cart to everyone. Our goal is to eventually supply at least one Cart to every children’s and young persons ward throughout the UK. We have many individuals, groups and organisations who are actively fundraising for TheRockinR. We also apply for grants and funding throughout the Uk. some applications are successful, and most are not. Funding can also be extremely geographical, many funders and trusts stipulate the funds must be used within a certain region or local area. If funds cannot be secured, or there are no available grants, we can add you to our waiting list. Please complete the form at the bottom of this page, ensuring we have all your relevant details. Should any funds or grants become available, we will contact your hospital/ward asap, however, we must reiterate, this method is not a guaranteed way of securing a Gaming Cart and it may be a very long wait.

Fundraising for a Gaming Cart

We encourage all hospitals and wards to actively fundraise for a Cart. The ward/hospital can start a Gofundme or Just Giving campaign, once the funds are raised, we can then supply the Gaming Cart to your hospital/ward. For more information on fundraising, please click on the Get Involved button below.

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