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I’m a Healthcare Professional and I would like a Gaming Cart. Where do I start?

Are you a staff member at a hospital/hospice/charity who would like to purchase a Cart for your hospital?

If you want a fully detailed and transparent quotation or invoice, please complete the Contact Form. Be sure to include the type of Gaming Cart(s), how many there are and the hospital’s location, as this will give accurate delivery costs.

How to Order a Gaming Cart:

Step 1: Decide which Gaming Cart is the most suitable for your hospital/hospice.

Step 2: Email us using the Contact Form and request a quotation or an invoice. Please provide the type of Gaming Cart(s), quantity and all your details so we can calculate an accurate delivery fee. Please only send funds to us with reference to a valid quotation/invoice.

Step 3: If you work at a hospital and are trying to figure out where to get the funds, here is how it usually works:

In most cases, the NHS Trust, representative Hospital Charity or hospital/ward can purchase Medical Gaming Carts directly from us, usually allocated from the charitable funds/donations or hospital/ward/department budgets. It may be worth contacting your hospital charity or ward manager/matron to see if they can help.

Step 4:  We accept two methods of payment:

Invoice (Direct Payment) – If you want to pay for a Gaming Cart upfront, please let us know, and we will send you an invoice. After receiving the invoice, you can transfer funds directly to our Charity Bank Account.

Purchase Order (PO) – In most cases, hospitals will set us up as a supplier on their system. The hospital can generate a Purchase Order and email it to us, which acts as a confirmation of funds. We will deliver the Gaming Cart to you and invoice the hospital for payment afterwards.

Step 5: Once we receive a confirmation of funds (either direct payment to the Charity Bank Account or a Purchase Order), we will email you to arrange the delivery of your Medical Gaming Cart.

And that’s it!