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My Gaming Console has been stolen, what should I do?


We can only support you with a stolen console if it was originally purchased from TheRockinR. For us to be able to proceed, we will need to know which number console is missing (e.g. R13) to find out whether we can potentially recover the Microsoft Account and all of the games loaded onto it.

Once you have this information, please contact us for a replacement console quotation and provide as many details as you can. As mentioned above, we can usually retrieve the TheRockinR account and its games after the theft. However, TheRockinR cannot accept responsibility for a stolen console or the replacement cost, as the Gaming Cart is fully secure and key-lockable.

We expect you to pay the cost of a new replacement console, wiring, a customisation fee and a delivery charge for fitting. In some cases where your Microsoft Account is unrecoverable, a charge for new games will apply.

Unless the lock on your Gaming Cart has been forcefully prized open or destroyed, we can only conclude that console theft happens due to neglect.