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Safeguarding & Age Restrictions


As standard, TheRockinR implements the following safeguarding measures:

  • All games provided on consoles from TheRockinR do not exceed PEGI 12 (even on Adult Wards).
  • The Xbox console is content restricted to Age 12. 
  • The Nintendo Switch console is content restricted to Age 13.
  • A password is required to access content above the age restriction.

Once delivered, consoles provided by TheRockinR are the hospital’s property, and amendments to the console settings by staff or patients are out of our control. Our Technical Support page contains helpful resources to help staff safeguard and maintain their console.

Healthcare Staff must regularly monitor the Gaming Cart.

Staff must be knowledgeable on how to use the technology they issue to patients and regularly monitor the consoles so that they can remove unwanted games, check in on content restrictions, and sign out of all accounts that TheRockinR did not provide.

Healthcare staff must keep the console login details secure.

Every Gaming Cart comes with an A5 laminate information pack containing the login details for the Microsoft or Nintendo account. Staff are briefed upon delivery to keep the A5 information pack safe and must not give the Microsoft or Nintendo Account password to any patient or family member.

If healthcare staff members override the content restriction, they must restore it to age-appropriate before issuing the Gaming Cart to a new patient.

Healthcare staff can use the password or Nintendo PIN to allow access to higher-age content. If healthcare staff choose to override this, they are responsible for reapplying the content restriction.

Healthcare staff can apply further safeguarding measures if necessary.

As every NHS Trust/Institution differs, healthcare staff can apply further console safeguarding measures depending on their Trust/Institution’s safeguarding policy. Healthcare staff can set a PIN on the console to lock it down further, but it isn’t usually essential for many hospitals/hospices we’ve visited.

TheRockinR recommends putting a PIN on the console if healthcare staff are having problems with patients downloading games, altering the content restrictions or settings, or making unauthorised purchases from the Microsoft Store.

If you are a healthcare staff member and want to set a PIN on your Xbox console, please refer to our Technical Support page or watch this video.

If you set a PIN, please ensure all staff know it. TheRockinR does not personally set or have any control over PINs.

For further information on Xbox Safety, please visit