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TheRockinR Revamp Service

Do you have one of our Gaming Carts and all of your games are outdated? We offer a service called ‘TheRockinR Revamp, which costs £300 per console (inc. of VAT).

Please note that this service entitles you to a one-time games upgrade per £300 fee and can be carried out at your discretion. It does not cover a lifetime of new game upgrades.

If this is something that you’re interested in, you can always contact us in the future to arrange this. You don’t have to decide right away!

We provide the latest releases when your Gaming Cart is delivered. However, technology soon becomes outdated, and newer games are released. For example, FIFA 23 becomes FC24, and so on.

After 1+ years, when the games become outdated, we can purchase the latest games from our end and add them to your console’s Microsoft Account. You can download the games remotely if you have a solid Wi-Fi connection or an open ethernet port.

TheRockinR Revamp is a great option to keep the Cart relevant and up-to-date.

Here’s how it works:

Firstly, please contact us to arrange a Revamp. On the Contact Form, please include your name, the console number and your hospital’s location. It is also important to tell us whether you have a strong internet connection in your ward/department.

We will then email you a quotation for a Revamp. If you’re happy to go ahead, we will do one of the following once we receive a confirmation of funds:

If you have a strong internet connection: 

We will purchase the new games from our side and place them on your console’s unique Microsoft account. You can download the games onto your console by following the steps in this video.

The whole process will take approximately one day.

If your internet connection is too poor to download games:

We will email you the instructions for returning your console to us. Attached to the email will be a tracked Royal Mail Postage label which expires after a given timeframe.

The whole process is an approximate three-day turnaround. Should you need it, we will provide instructions on securely fitting the console back into the Gaming Cart.

And that’s it!