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Why does the new Gaming Cart have fewer games installed than the old one?


Our older Gaming Carts include the Xbox One S console, which has a storage capacity of 1000 GB (1TB). As time passes, this console is becoming outdated, functions slower, and is being phased out for the latest console.

As TheRockinR always provides the latest technology, our new gaming carts have the Xbox Series S inside. This console offers enhanced performance and an improved gaming experience but only has 512GB of storage.

Xbox does offer the black Xbox Series S console, which has 1000GB (1TB) of storage, but this console is more expensive and would increase the price of your quotation.

It is essential to know that:

  • The latest Xbox games are doubling in storage size.
  • The latest Xbox games are increasing in price.
  • When the latest Xbox games are updated, the game’s storage space increases, taking up more space on your Xbox.
  • Play Specialists must check their console’s storage space regularly. If it exceeds 96%, certain games will not work as there is insufficient storage for them to play and update appropriately. Overfilling the Xbox with games increases the number of problems within hospitals, ultimately increasing the number of technical support queries we receive (these are costly to deal with).

You are still receiving the same value in games on the new Gaming Carts compared to the old Gaming Carts; the cost of new games and their storage size has simply increased.

Most children and young people only have a few of the latest games on their home consoles, which provide many hours of gameplay. TheRockinR installs at least 10 of the latest games, so children and young people still have a more comprehensive range of games to play within the hospital environment.

Support with Xbox Storage

In many cases, you may have 8-10 games installed on your console, but if you connect to the internet and go to ‘Full Library,’ more games will be available to install. Having all of them on the console simultaneously is impossible, so you must uninstall the less popular games to make room for new ones.

If you need help doing this or checking your Xbox’s storage space, please visit our Technical Support page.