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Why does the Xbox ask me for a security code when I try to sign into TheRockinR account?

The Xbox asks for a security code as a protective measure because it thinks somebody could have stolen the console.

We receive the code via our email address or phone number and will send it to you immediately upon request.

Please only generate one code, as it can be confusing for us to link the correct code to the correct Xbox. Every time you generate a new code, the previous one expires.

Many Play Specialists ask why our security details are in there instead of a staff member at the hospital. If the Staff Member who inputted their details were busy, off, sick, on annual leave or left their position, there would be no way of logging into the Xbox until the person responds and the code is retrieved.

If you need help logging back into your Microsoft Account, please follow the steps in this video. 

*Please note you must be connected to the internet to log back into your RockinR account.*