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TheRockinR charity aims to provide fun and smiles to children spending time on hospital wards. We know whilst Reece was in hospital, wheeling in a Mobile Gaming Unit would have meant the world to him, offering a welcome distraction, helping to interact, communicate and engage. it would have brought a big smile to his face. We founded TheRockinR to help children and families who are plunged into these situations. 


It is my passion to start where Reece left, to move this charity forward and share the same resilience, bravery, courage and determination that Reece showed me  – To inspire, motivate, encourage and remain positive throughout the darkest of times.
Together I truly believe we can achieve this goal. Any donation large or small will make a difference.


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How Can You Help?

We are very grateful for any help at all and there are lots of ways to get involved. You can simply donate a one off or monthly fee. You can have one of our collection boxes on your counter or you can hold an event, everything from tea parties to bungee jumping. Anything goes.. Or you can simply like share and follow us on social media.

Why We Need Your Help

Brain Tumour Research - Facts

Too many people are being faced with the devastating diagnosis each year – every two hours, someone is diagnosed with a brain tumour in England.

Brain tumours are the chief cause of cancer deaths in children and young people. In 2015, the number of children dying from cancer was 194, with brain tumours taking 67 young lives and leukaemia 46.

At the current rate of spend, it could take 100 years for brain cancer to catch up with developments in other diseases and find a cure.

In 2015, £8,759 was spent on leukaemia research for each death, compared with only £1,858 for brain tumours. Brain tumour research represents just 1.37% of national spend on cancer.

Every 9 days a child in the UK is diagnosed with DIPG

1 child DIES every 3 days from a brain tumour in the UK

Organise a Fundraising event

Fundraising events can be both fun and challenging, so if you would like to support us and have an idea for an event let us know. Jumping out of a plane anyone?

Make a donation

Every single penny you donate will make a massive difference to all the kids who need our help. Every penny really counts and we are sincerely grateful.

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If you follow us on social media we can keep you up to date with all of our events and news. Sharing really is caring and costs nothing but make a massive difference in helping us reach and help the kids that need us most.

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If you need our help, would like to find out more or think you can help us. We would love to hear from you so use our form below.

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