Today we delivered our 4th Mobile Gaming Unit to Martin House Children’s Hospice. The help and support this children’s hospice has to offer are truly amazing.

Whilst Reece had his DIPG brain tumour, Martin House Children’s Hospice helped our family in so many ways.  We are truly grateful for all the help and support we received. By donating a Mobile Gaming Unit to the hospice, it is our way of saying thank you, we always knew it would be well received and without a doubt, we are sure it will be used to its full potential to help many other children and young persons.

This Mobile Gaming Unit was named CAMERON. This was in memory of a super special boy who recently lost his fight to a DIPG brain tumour. This was the same devastating paediatric brain tumour which sadly took Reece’s life. When speaking to Cameron’ s mother, she told us that Cameron also shared a love of gaming and was gaming mad. We truly do hope that both Cameron and Reece will meet in heaven and play some games together.

The donation of this Mobile Gaming Unit was made possible by funding greatly received from the National Lottery, Awards for all scheme. We are so grateful for the funding. This will make a huge difference to children and young persons spending time in Martin House Children’s Hospice.

The Mobile Gaming Units can offer many positives such as Interaction, provide relief, offer a distraction to their illness or treatments, help reduce stress and anxiety, even education, there is a range of purposes the Mobile Gaming Units can serve within medical / hospice environments. Our goal is to install sixteen of these Mobile Gaming Units to all of the children’s cancer hospitals throughout England and Wales. By May 2019 we hope to achieve this goal.

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