Reece’s Story

Reece was your average 10-year-old boy, full of life, cheeky and a bundle of laughs, his passion was YouTube and Gaming. The picture on left was taken just 2 days prior to Reece being diagnosed with a DIPG brain tumour.

At the end of May 2017, Reece developed double vision. He was Immediately booked in for an eye examination at the local opticians. The opticians then referred Reece to Pinderfields Hospital eye clinic.

Saturday 3rd June 2017, Reece was checked over by the eye specialist and we were given a follow-up appointment to carry out more tests, and if nothing could be found they would then proceed to an MRI scan.


Tuesday 6th June 2018, Reece was unbalanced on his feet and his speech became slurred. He was taken immediately to Pinderfields Hospital A&E Department. Throughout Tuesday night and Wednesday, Reece had the various functional tests and MRI scans. Reece and his family were sent home with a follow-up appointment to return Thursday 8th June 2017.

Thursday 8th June 2017, Reece and his parents returned to Pinderfields Hospital, there we were told the devastating news that Reece had brain cancer. We were promptly referred to the children’s oncology department at Leeds General Infirmary.

Friday 9th June 2017 at Leeds General Infirmary, Reece’s parents were told he had an Inoperable and incurable brain tumour known as DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), Reece would not survive longer than 12 months. The only treatment for Reece would be 30 sessions of radiotherapy, this treatment was only to prolong his life and was purely palliative.

Reece battled through the relentless treatments and hospital appointments. The sheer resilience, bravery, courage and determination Reece showed was beyond inspiring. He truly was our little soldier.

Reece always wore glasses that had one lens blacked out. He had perfect vision in both of his eyes, however, the tumour was affecting a part of his brain that made Reece see a double image, by blocking out one eye he could see a single image. He would alternate which eye he blacked out each day and had many pairs of glasses for this reason.

Throughout Reece’s illness, one of the many medications he was regularly taking was a steroid known as Dexamethasone, this medication is used to reduce the swelling around the brain tumour. Unfortunately, Dexamethasone has many side effects, one of these is weight gain, the continued use of this changed the appearance of Reece dramatically.

By Christmas 2017 Reece’s health slowly started to decline. He struggled on, always keeping his unique sense of humour whilst smiling in the face of extreme adversity. On the 4th March 2018 aged 11, Reece sadly passed away at home, leaving a family devastated beyond belief.

Reece was taken far too soon. he deserved so much more and without doubt, he had so much more to give, but sadly Reece will never have the chance.

In memory of Reece, we founded this charity so many other children and their families may benefit from what we experienced and witnessed throughout his nine-month battle with cancer. We truly do hope to make a difference.

Reece Miree’s Legacy Will Continue.

Reece with YouTuber The Terroriser
Terroriser’s Tribute
Reece & YouTuber Jack Septiceye
Reece with YouTuber MiniLadd
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