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Customised Medical Gaming Carts

Built explicitly for the medical environment. Each Cart helps healthcare professionals, play specialists, and play facilitators provide much-needed recreation and play to children and young people, spending time in the hospital or visiting as an outpatient.

Our Medical Gaming Carts support children and young people through the healing process as they undergo treatment and procedures in hospitals.

We offer mobile gaming equipment to healthcare professionals with the means to make activities and technology accessible. Minimising the effects of isolation, stress, and anxiety on children and young patients helps promote recovery and well-being.

Interactive and Engaging

Gaming promotes social interaction and engagement between healthcare professionals, patients, siblings, friends, and parents. Gaming, both in research and practice, demonstrates an overwhelmingly positive contribution toward the well-being of both young patients and adults.

6 Average number of children who interact with the medical gaming cart each day
2190 Average number of children who interact with one medical gaming cart per year

How do our interactive Medical Gaming Carts work?

TheRockinR Medical Gaming Cart stands up to the hospital environment and the test of time. Click the interactive hotspots to see the many features it has to offer.

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The Very Latest Gaming

The Medical Gaming Cart includes an Xbox Series S (1TB) or Nintendo Switch gaming console, pre-loaded with a minimum of 10 of the latest age-appropriate games such as FIFA 23, Forza Horizon 5, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and many more.

24″ Full HD Gaming Monitor

Equipped with a 24″ Full HD Gaming Monitor with speakers. The perfect size to prevent it from taking bumps when wheeling the Cart around.

Ethernet Port image
Ethernet Port

An ethernet port is accessible on the side of the Gaming Cart. This is wired into the back of the Xbox Console as our solution to poor Wi-Fi. We provide an ethernet cable so that you can plug into a nearby port and get a super fast internet connection. This is essential for major updates and restoring deleted games.

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Single Plug

The Medical Gaming Cart is custom-built to only require one plug socket to work. We use a bright orange cable with a stretch of 3m. No more messy wires or trip hazards.

Two Controllers image
Two Controllers

The Medical Gaming Cart comes with two controllers: one that is wired in to prevent theft, and one that is completely wireless. Multiplayer is a valuable tool helps patients to engage with family members, play specialists and healthcare professionals.

Secure and Lockable image
Secure and Lockable

Key lockable (we will provide you with a spare set of keys). The locking tray system secures the gaming console and the two controllers inside, helping to reduce the risk of theft and loss.

Fully Height Adjustable image
Fully Height Adjustable

Perfect for sitting or standing, ideal
for wheelchair access and bedside applications.

Wheel Locks image
Wheel Locks

The two front wheels are lockable, which helps to secure the Medical Gaming Cart and prevent it from rolling on uneven floors.

Ergotron Customised Cart image
Ergotron Customised Cart

NHS-approved and certified, incredibly lightweight, industry-leading Ergotron StyleView Healthcare Cart, sit-to-stand height adjustable, easily manoeuvrable with five years warranty.

Endless Mobility image
Endless Mobility

Extremely mobile with a small footprint, the Cart easily wheels to the patient’s bedside, treatment rooms or waiting areas. Portable versatility is endless and effortless.

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Joy and Contentment icon
Joy and Contentment

We help all children and young patients, especially those who are immobile, have limited access to activities or are in hospitals for lengthy periods, while creating and maintaining experiences that produce joy and contentment.

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Coping Tools

Undergoing medical treatment can often be a scary and isolating experience, especially for children and young patients. The feedback we receive confirms there is a specific need for age-appropriate coping tools in paediatric hospitals.

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Promotes Interaction

Interactive gaming helps with creativity, coordination and rehabilitation. It promotes interaction while offering some sense of normality and belonging to patients and their families, spending time in hospital wards or waiting rooms.

Why make a donation?

Donations made to TheRockinR help support children and young people in hospitals throughout the UK. Your contribution enables us to construct and supply more Medical Gaming Carts. These carts help so many young patients cope with hospital stays and visits by minimising the effects of stress and anxiety experienced by many young patients whilst offering a sense of normality and distraction to medical procedures.

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