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TheRockinR Gaming Charity provides interactive gaming equipment to sick children & young adults spending time in hospitals and hospices. We offer equipment to healthcare professionals with the means to make activities & technology accessible.

Mobile Gaming Units

The Mobile Gaming Units support children and young people through the healing process as they undergo treatment and procedures in children’s hospitals and hospices.

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by Daragh Corcoran | TheRockinR Mobile Gaming Units

We offer equipment to healthcare professionals with the means to make activities and technology accessible.

Our goal is to provide a Mobile Gaming Units to children and young people who are immobile, have limited access to activities or are in hospitals or hospices for lengthy periods of time.

TheRockinR aims to create and maintain experiences that produce joy and contentment, whilst minimising stress and anxiety for patients.

Undergoing medical treatment can often be a scary and isolating experience, especially for children. There is a special need for age-appropriate coping tools in paediatric hospitals.

The Mobile Gaming Units can help build creativity,  promote interaction with other children whilst offering some sense of normality and belonging to both patients and families spending time on hospital wards.

Interactive video games can be used within hospital wards to provide relief, offer a distraction, help children engage and even support education.

There is a huge range of purposes interactive gaming can serve throughout medical environments.

The Feedback to date has been very positive from both healthcare professionals and parents.

These games consoles are such an amazing distraction for children awaiting surgery or receiving treatment …Fifi LOVES the Lego game on this – she smiles and laughs when she’s surfing on a pig’s back – I’ve wheeled it into her room a few times when she’s “board” on an evening and it makes her happy x.

On the 4th September 2017, Fifi was happily playing this whilst we felt sick with apprehension at the biopsy surgery.

The most important thing is the kids smiling and being happy and Reece’s family have done a fabulous thing in their son’s name xx

Mrs Julia Mary Hagreen


Extremely mobile, these can easily be wheeled to the patient’s bedside, treatment rooms or patient waiting areas. The mobile implications are endless

The Very Latest Gaming

The Mobile Gaming Units Include an Xbox One S gaming console, pre-loaded with 8 of the latest age-appropriate games such as Fifa, Forza, Lego and Crash Bandicoot. This can also be upgraded to the latest Xbox One X console if required


2 x wireless controllers as standard with every Mobile Gaming Unit, this helps promote interaction between patients, family members, play specialists and healthcare professionals.

Gaming Monitor

24” 1080p high definition super sharp VESA mounted console gaming monitor

Ergotron StyleView Cart

A fully approved NHS, industry-leading Ergotron customised StyleView cart, complete with 5 years warranty

The Mobile gaming station is a great conversation starter. New patients love telling me about the games they play at home and love showing me how to play the games on the mobile gaming unit. It brings people together. The Mobile Gaming Unit is a great form of distraction. It has calmed anxious patients on numerous occasions.

Lobke Marsden

Play Specialist (Paediatric Radiotherapy Department), St James Institute of Oncology


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